Joint Venture Partner Co-Wholesaler Agreement

Dear Joint Venture Partner,

Please read the following paragraph and submission rules before signing:

We are excited to partner with you to help sell your property. We will market this property to our HUGE list of Thousands of Hungry Cash Buyers! We will take care of the showing of the property, obtaining the Purchase Contracts and Earnest Deposits from our Buyers. All Net Profits will be split 50/50. Please remove any online advertising to avoid confusion from our buyers when they “Google” the property address. We will be doing a ton of advertising that will drive tons of buyers to your property through our aggressive online advertising, email blasts, and text message blasts to our community of Cash Buyers. This agreement is exclusive and we will not enter into an option/CO-WHOLESALE agreement if other wholesalers or investors are marketing the same property. We have a very strong reputation and want our buyers to continue to trust us. Sometimes buyers find out about the property from our marketing efforts but may contact you directly. We expect all of our Joint Venture partners to go into this transaction with honesty and integrity. That is why if any buyer is found through either of our efforts the profits are split 50/50.

Submission Rules:

  1. You must have the property under contract with the seller of record. Please email, fax, OR UPLOAD A COPY of the executed contract between you and the seller. **Please note we will need 15 days in order to market the property, find a buyer, and close on the property.**
  2. Please upload Pictures to a photo sharing website like DROPBOX.COM Please make the pictures available for public sharing. (Please contact me us if you have any difficulties. It is best to have between 20-50 pictures of everything including the Good, Bad, and Ugly)
  3. Please make sure we know how to access the property. If it is on a lock box please provide the Lock box code.
  4. We expect our buyers to use our purchase contract and close with our preferred title (we will have to change title the company from where you may have it to ours in order to facilitate this effectively.
  5. You will need to execute our 30 day business option, AND THE CO-WHOLESALE AGREEMENT-(attached below) which will pass the buyers rights from your interest to ours in order for us to legally market this property and sell it to our buyers.

We will begin marketing your property within 24-48 hours once we have received all of the above requested items.

Assignor Initials:



CO-WHOLESALE AGREEMENT & 30 Business Day Option Contract

This Co-Wholesale Agreement (“Agreement”) is made by and between Wildcard Investments LLC, (“Assignee”) and (“Assignor”). WHEREAS, Assignor, as Buyer, has entered into an agreement for purchase of certain real property (“Purchase Contract”) located at (“Property”). All terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning(s) ascribed thereto in the Purchase Contract. WHEREAS, Assignor desires to assign all rights and interests in said Purchase Contract to Assignee and Assignee desires to purchase all interests, rights and obligations in the Purchase Contract.

Assignor and Assignee hereby agree, covenant and stipulate as follows:

  1. Assignee agrees to the terms and conditions contained in the Purchase Contract as if Assignee was the Buyer thereunder.
  2. Assignor shall deliver to Assignee, upon execution of this Agreement, true copies of (i) Purchase Contract and (ii) any other documents previously received by Assignor from Seller or the Title Company.
  3. During the Inspection Period, if any, Assignee shall have the same rights of inspection of the Property and Title thereto as have been granted to Buyer under the Purchase Contract. Assignor and/or its representatives make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the condition of the Property, Title thereto, or the authority of Seller. Assignee shall independently determine in its sole discretion whether to close the Purchase Contract upon the terms and conditions therein provided.
  4. This Agreement may be assigned by Assignee without consent of Assignor.
  5. Upon a default of the Seller to consummate the Closing, Assignee shall retain any and all rights of the Buyer under the Purchase Contract as its sole and exclusive remedies and Assignee hereby holds Assignor harmless from any and all obligations and liabilities arising therefrom.
  6. Assignee shall pay to Assignor either 50% of net profits or $ ($0.00 if left blank) as assignment fee for the acquisition of the Purchase Contract which shall be paid in full at closing.

Assignor Initials:




30 Business Day Option Contract

Received from: Wildcard Investments, LLC, the buyer, the sum of $10.00 (Ten Dollars)

Shown by Cash, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, or

Payable to (seller) to be held uncashed until this option is accepted as deposit.

Toward the price of: (Property address)

1) Property: Seller hereby gives and grants to buyer and\or assignees for a period of 30 Business days from the date hereof, the exclusive right and privilege of purchasing the following described real property located at: Property Address:

2) Seller Agrees to a 50/50 split of proceeds over and above sales price with Wildcard Investments, LLC

This is a legal and binding contract and has been thoroughly reviewed by both parties.

ASSIGNEE: Wild Card Investments, LLC


Phone: 504-470-3170



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