Important Information for All Real Estate Professionals

Realtors are a very important part of our business. We understand that you have buyers and the knowledge to help your client make an informed decision. We are a very Pro Realtor/Broker company and we encourage clients to employ/acquire real estate professionals in their effort to determine the investment opportunities for properties listed for sale on our website.

The Wholesale Pricing of Our Inventory Offers Realtors and others a great opportunity to receive a Commission/Consulting Fee from your Buyer(s). YOUR REALTOR/CONSULTING FEE or COMMISSION should be added on top of the price listed on our website. The prices listed on the site are “Net to Seller”. So feel free to charge what ever commission you would like.

Please Use a Non-Agency Compensation Agreement, or send us a copy of your standard commission instructions with the offer submission.
If you have any questions on compensation please feel free to contact us – we are happy to help out.